Adding and customizing a table of contents

A toc page allows the user to have an overview of your site and quickly jump to the page they want to see. This page opens on top of the content.

1. Once you have the pages of your site setup, you can add a custom toc page to replace the one studio provides out of the box.

Add an extra page by clicking the blue cricle in the pane overview.

2. On the left you can choose for table of content templates.

Double click the template you want.

3. A toc is essentially the same as a regular page, except that it will open up on top of the current page and that it's name has to be exactly "n2-toc" for the system to recognize it.

Rename the page you added to "n2-toc"

4. You can customize the template just as you would any other page.

Changing the links can be done by changing the actions:

  • Select the link you want to customize
  • Select the existing "navigate to ..." action from the list
  • In the action choose the navigate action (next to the 3)

5. You can choose a different page to link to from the drop down list (little blue down arrow)

Click save settings

You can rename an action so you find it back more easaly by double clicking it's name.
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