STEP 3 – Editor Basics

The editor provides a WYSIWYG environment for adding and manipulating content on the page. Please note some of the important aspects of how it works.


A)  Project Link: Link back to the project overview

B)  Quick Page Selector: Allows you to quickly jump to any other page in the project

C)  Current Page Name: Click to edit page name


D)  Device View Selector: Switch between device screens and make customizations

E)  Page Content View: Outline of all containers and widgets on the page – select, arrange, name and reset page elements


F)  Add Widget Button: Opens widget palette

G)  Contextual Toolbar: Display available tools for currently selected widget


H)  Preview Button: Launches current page in preview emulator

I)  Guides and Undo-Redo: Toggles on guides and allows for und and redo of editor actions

J)  Page Versions: Displays and toggles between previously saved page versions

K)  Save: Toggles on guides and allows for und and redo of editor actions


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