STEP 4 – Adding a Widget

1. Click the blue add widget button at the top right corner of the editor screen.


2. Select a widget from the palette to be placed on the page. In some cases a widget will need additional configuration in before it's placed on the page.

3. The available widgets are listed below:

Text Block

A simple block of text. Can also be styled into buttons by adding background-color and actions.

Simple Image

An image without any special runtime behavior.

Smart Image

An image which can be resized irrespective of aspect ratio. It can also be expanded to reveal an extra layer of information and interactivity.

Photo Gallery

A collection of smart images which can be viewed in sequence.

Tilt Image

An image which can be panned by tilting your device or by mouse movement.

Before After

A collection of images which can be superimposed on each other and often used to show chronological progression.


An image with a wide aspect ratio which can be panned.


A collection of images which can be viewed in sequence as an automatic slideshow.


A collection of images which can be viewed in sequence by swiping over the image container to create a smooth 360 degree rotation of a scene.

Image Parallax

The background content (i.e. an image) is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling


A video player which can contain YouTube, Vimeo or Storied hosted videos.


A widget that allows you to display colors, images, videos and animations on the backdrop of the page based on the scroll position of the page.

Audio Story

A simple audio player with basic controls for playing MP3 content.


A simple rectangle shape used for creating space between widgets.

Inline Grid

A container of columns which can be used for placement control of other widgets.


A container for holding custom HTML code.


A container which can be used to organize your page content and can also be templatized.


A container which can contain any combination of other widgets for the purpose of creating a reusable component.


A container which allows for the insertion of content from an external page.


A collection of containers which can be viewed in sequence.


A link to an uploaded document which can be customized


Basic collection of form elements.


An interactive chart. Currently we support line, row, bar, pie, donut and map. You can also embed a custom chart created outside the editor.


This widget allows the user to insert an object from a verity of different SVG's


A data structure that organizes information into rows and columns


There are also several other widgets that are not available for wide distribution. If you have a specific need which is not addressed by the widgets listed above please contact the help desk for assistance.

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