How do I make my project private? What security options does Storied offer?


A. Lower Security

You can make Storied experiences available to:

1) Anyone and be notified when anyone opens it (you won't know who opened it, just that it's been opened).

2) Anyone and ask that they enter their email (so you have email addresses and know who is looking at it).

3) Anyone with a specific, whitelisted email address(es) or domain(s) designated by you (e.g.,, or the entire email domain), but don't force the person to verify that the email entered is owned by the person entering the email address.

B. Higher Security

You can make Storied experiences available to:

1) Anyone with a specific email address or email domain (e.g.,, or the entire email domain) and -- when they enter their email address -- you send a verification link for them to immediately access in their inbox. Clicking on that verification link proves the email they entered is theirs and they get immediate access.

  • 2. PASSWORD-BASED SHARING: Anyone with the designated password can get access. We don't think of this as particularly secure since anyone can share a password with anybody.
  • 3. TIME-LIMITED SHARING: Access expires at designated day/time.
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