Tilt Image Widget

Tilt Image is an image which can be panned by tilting your device or by mouse movement.

You can see the example of this behavior by following the link below:


To add a Tilt Image:

  1. Click on the plus button at the left top corner and expand the Images section and select Tilt Image from the list

  1. Once you choose the Tilt Image widget, a temporary placeholder will be inserted onto your page.

  1. You now have the option to select an image for inclusion. You can choose from the images in the left panel (1) , which include unsplash stock images, previously uploaded project images, or images from other projects. Alternatively, you can also upload an image in the right panel (2) or paste a URL for an image (3).

  1. After inserting your image, you have the option to select a focal point that will be the main focus of the image when it is first displayed.

Please keep in mind that the width of the tilt image widget must be less than the image's width in order to achieve the desired tilt effect. Otherwise, it will appear as a regular, non-moving image.

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