Getting started with Storied

Creating a project, adding a page and publishing the project shows you how to get your website up and running.

Click the new project button at the top of your screen and choose the desired project type

Add a page by clicking the blue plus sign and choose the desired layout.

Re-name the page. This will show up as the title of the page in the browser. Edit the page by clicking on the page thumbnail.

You can preview your app before publishing. Once you're satisfied with how your app looks, go to the project settings.

Enter a name for your project and click the publish button. Once the publish process completes, the link to your app will show up under "Project link".

Note: Be careful with changing the name of your app after publishing, since this will also change the URL to your app. You can password protect your project, which can be a useful way to privately share the project with other stakeholders prior to publishing it to the general public. 

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