Working with section templates

1. To create a new section template, build it in studio.

Select the section.


2. In the general settings, click the "Save as template" button.


3. Create a template group by entering its name or choose an existing group to add your template to.

Click next.


4. Enter a name for your new template or override an existing template by choosing it from the list.

Create the section template by clicking next.


5. To use your section template, simply open the add widget dialog (blue plus button)

And choose section.


6. In the section selector you can choose for custom created templates at the top left.

Choose the template group you want to select from.
Double click your template to add it to the page.



  • It's good practice to keep the articles that were the basis for your custom templates, in case you want to revert some changes you made using the version history.
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