Importing your design files

Storied transformation is a powerful tool that enables you to drag and drop PowerPoint, PDF, and Photoshop files directly into the Storied platform. Creating from a source file eliminates the need to upload individual assets into the editor and painstakingly align them on your page, allowing you to get right to the fun part of adding interactions and animations!

Before transforming from any source file, upload fonts used in your design into the Media Library. This will ensure that fonts transform correctly. In case you skip this step and transform your file, the editor will show you a message with new detected fonts that you can upload later or replace with built-in Storied fonts.

To import a source file into Storied:

1. Click +  New button in the top center of the screen.
2. Select Create from source file.
3. You can drag and drop a file or click to browse and select a file from your computer.

Now Storied transformed files into web-compatible pages for you to further edit,
design for cross-screen viewing, and amplify with interactivity.



All source files will be stored in the Storied Media Library under miscellaneous file type.

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