Seeing the activity of other users on my team

Multi Tenancy Activity UI makes it possible to see other team members while working within an account.


Every user that is currently in an account is represented by a different colored circle containing their initials in the top right of the screen. The colored circle is called a user symbol.


A colored semi-transparent border around a project means that the user is currently viewing the project.  This border is called a user activity indicator. When a user starts editing a page within the project the activity indicator will become opaque.


Clicking on a user symbol allows you to see more detail about their current activity. Clicking on the users name in this view will launch an email to them. Clicking on the project page titles will take the user to that page directly.


The same convention applies to pages within a project. User symbols in the top right of the screen will display users currently in the same project. When a user is editing a page within that project then both the user symbol and the activity indicator will turn opaque.


The same is true for the page edit screen.

  • A user can access multiple projects within an account at the same time using different windows or browsers therefore there may be multiple projects or pages highlighted with that users color.
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