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Comments take collaboration to the next level. You can use comments to respond to feedback, adjust your designs and iterate faster.

To view, make and respond to comments you will need to enter  Comment mode. To enter comment mode click the Comment icon in the toolbar:


You can  add a comment to any location on the page. In order to do that:

1. Enter Comment mode. Your cursor will turn into a red circle.

2. Click the location on the page you would like the comment to appear and type your comment in the field.

3. Click  Post to add your comment.

Comments will be shown on the page where they have been added as well as on the project cover itself. Click on a  Comment icon on the page to view the comment and any replies.

You then have three options:

1. Choose  All to view all Comments on the page.

2. Choose  Only Yours to view the comments that are relevant to you.

3. You can also decide if you'd like to  Show resolved comments.

Reply and resolve comments

Anyone can view, add and reply to Comments:

1. Open the  Comment mode and select the comment in the comment panel.

2. Comments will pop-up on the page where they have been added with a  Reply field. Start typing in your message and click Reply to add your comment to the thread. You can add further replies to the thread if needed.
3. Click the checkbox in the top-right corner to mark it as  Resolved. We will hide the comment from comment panel.
You will need to turn on the  Show Resolved comments setting to view those comments again. If this has been done accidentally, you can click the checkbox again to Unresolve.

Delete comments
You can also delete any comment you post. If you delete a comment with replies, this will delete the entire thread.


Comments that has been already viewed will not be highlighted in red anymore.

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