Adding navigation to a scrolling page

Navigation bar is typically created on a different layer. So initially you should have a home page and a separate navigation page.

In order to add navigation to a scrolling page:
1. Open the home page and select the section to which you want your menu button to navigate.
2. Open  Styles and Classes tab in a tool bar and select Classes. Give this section a class name, save settings.

3. Go to your navigation page and select the text box that user should click on to navigate to the section.
4. Open  Actions (lightning icon) in the tool bar on the right hand side.
a) Choose  Event - Click.

b) For Target scroll down to  Custom Selector and type in a dot + the name of the class that you added earlier in the section class (e.g. .welcome).

c) Select  Action - Scroll to.
Do not forget to click  Save settings and Add action.

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