Adding a tabbed widget

A tab-group allows you to group some elements inside a tab component. This makes it possible to show a lot of content without taking up a lot of screen real estate. The user can switch between tabs by clicking headers at the top, or dots at the bottom of the component.

1. To create a tabbed component, start by building each tab as a section.

2. Then select each section and add the same tab-group label to group them together.

Each tab in the group will be consolidated under the tabbed component and positioned at the first tab-group element's location.

3. Adding header names can be done by adding an angular attribute to each column


All tab-group options that are not tab specific should be added to the first tab-group in each group.



  • The tab-group attribute can be applied to any element inside the page. The first element of each group will determine the location of the tabbed component.
  • The tabbed component will calculate the tallest tab and always keep that height, to avoid changing the page height during tabs switches.
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