Adding an image gallery widget

An image gallery allows the user to quickly swipe through multiple images in-line. If you set the gallery to be expandable, end users can also open a gallery to full-screen mode.

1. Click the blue plus button for the section where you want to add the image-gallery.

Choose image-gallery from the widget list.

2. Upload your photos by either: dragging them onto the drop location, selecting them from your computer or select them from your assets gallery.


3.The expandable switch allows you to define if the user can open the gallery fullscreen.

You can reorder the images by dragging their thumbnails to the position you have in mind.
Set a focal point for each image to make sure that part of the image stays in view on various screen dimensions.
Delete an image by clicking the trashcan icon in the bottom left.
Set a caption title, description and related map location on the right.
Once you're done, select the add button.

  • You can change the behavior of a image gallery by selecting it, and setting an extra attribute: type. The value should either be "360" or "slideshow". A slideshow is a component that will fade between the images every couple of seconds.
  • Assuming you have added images to support a 360 view of an object, the "360" attribute allows the end user to swipe the gallery and see it in 360 view.
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