Adding internal, external and email links

Adding links can be done in two ways: adding a navigation action to an element, or adding a link to a part of a sentance within a block of text.

1. To add a link to some text, select the text and open the link widget.

Enter the desired link.Choose to open the link in a new - or in the same window.

2. To add a link to a whole element you select the element,

Open the actions widget.As target, select the element itself (this doesn't really matter).As event we choose click.The action should be navigate.

3. Enter your url for external pages or select another page from the dropdown list for links within the same project.

You can also define if the link has to open in a new or in the same window.Save settings when you're done.

4. Links that point to the current page will be identified with a css class: active-link.

You can style these active links by adding some css in the project settings under CSS.

  • You can define email links by adding "mailto:" before the email address, e.g.:
  • You can define telephone links by adding "tel:" before the telephone number, e.g.: tel:555123456
  • Adding links to expandable widgets will cause strange effects where the widgets goes into fullscreen mode while the browser navigates to the link.

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