Navigating to other pages in your experience and external links

Storied has built-in actions to help you link to other pages in your experience or even create a custom navigation menu.


1. Select the element you want users to click on. This can be any object on the page that isn’t already interactive (like videos).
2. Open Actions (lightning icon) in the tool bar on the right hand side.
3. Choose Event - Click, leave the same Target and select Action - Navigate. You can select a page from your project or add any URL. You can also define if the link has to open in a new or in the same window.

Additionally you can set the action to navigate to the next or previous page in the project.


4. After selecting a page or pasting URL do not forget to click Save settings and Add action.

We also offer the ability to add a link to a part of a sentence within a block of text. To add a link to some text:

1. Select the text and open the link widget.

2. Enter the desired link.

3. Choose to open the link in a new - or in the same window.



  • You can define email links by adding "mailto:" before the email address,
  • You can define telephone links by adding "tel:" before the telephone number,
    e.g.: tel:555123456
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